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Publishing Your Own Book

“Publishing Your Own Book” is a defining moment in any authors life. Its exciting, breath taking, and quite an accomplishment if done correctly. One of the most rewarding benefits is going to a bookstore and seeing your masterpiece on display or even in the hands of readers around the world.

Unfortunately “Publishing Your Own Book” is quite difficult…

Spending countless hours writing your manuscript is difficult enough without having the stress of editing, graphic design, formatting, translating, and of course the dreaded distribution. And lets face it, MOST people who attempt the impossible of publishing your own book fail miserably! That’s because your talents and abilities are in writing not publishing. That’s where we come in.

Let us help you in the difficult process of “Publishing Your Own Book”

LMDM Publishing House is one the leading Christian Publishing Companies in the world today. Our vast source of contacts and avid readers makes us your one stop publishing solution. If you desire your manuscript to become a masterpiece then we have an affordable price to fit ANY budget!

For more information contact us at or purchase any of our services!


$49999Per Book
  • Graphic Design
  • Premium Formatting
  • Professional Editing
  • Manuscripts 20,000 Words (or less)

LMDM Provides ONLY the BEST For You!

Graphic Design

$8999Single Payment
  • eBook Art
  • Paperback Art
  • Promotional Flyer
  • Social Media Flyer

Premium Formatting

$4999Single Payment
  • Up to 10 Photos
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Unlimited Formats Available
  • Perfection Guaranteed!

Professional Editing

$9999Per 15,000 Words
  • ANY Language
  • ZERO Errors
  • Line Editing
  • Content Editing

Global Distribution

35%Per Sale
  • Our Agents SELL your Book!
  • 100% Stress Free!
  • Online Distribution
  • Local and Abroad Distribution

Exceptional Translations

$9999Per 10,000 Words
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • and MORE!



Welcome to the LMDM Family!

As part of the LMDM Family you have:

- Access to an UNLIMITED amount of RESOURCES and CONTACTS!

- 24 Hour support from our Corporate Office!

- A Strong WELL-RESPECTED Covering to operate your ministry projects under!

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