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You have NOTHING to lose but EVERYTHING to gain!

Stephenie came to LMDM with only a dream and a incomplete manuscript.

She had been rejected by Tate, Universal, and several other mainstream publishing companies. Expecting to be denied once again her prayers were answered when she not only received a acceptance letter but unlike the other companies LMDM offered her around the clock support and training at NO additional fee!

My Confession ebookOne way that we help get your book into the right hands is by doing dramatic video trailers and sending them through our Social Media outlets such as YouTube.

Chris Buscher’s first book, My Confession, was dramatic enough that it required more of a custom trailer to fit his needs. Here is the first video trailer for his book that has already reached thousands and helped sell dozens of extra books!

Welcome to the LMDM Family!

As part of the LMDM Family you have:

- Access to an UNLIMITED amount of RESOURCES and CONTACTS!

- 24 Hour support from our Corporate Office!

- A Strong WELL-RESPECTED Covering to operate your ministry projects under!

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