His Manner upon Us is Love


His Manner upon Us is Love

Behold, what Manner of Love the Father Has Bestowed upon US, that We Should Be Called the Sons of God: Therefore the World Know Us Not, Because It Knew Him Not

Today, our text is taken from the book of 1John 3:1. God’s love for man is immeasurable and unending. He has shown this love through various ways and is still doing the same hitherto. We are his sons through Christ Jesus and we have the hope of being with him for eternity. As his sons, who are united in one body through Christ, we are expected to live our lives according to his will and in obedience to his words. When we do these things, others will see his glory in us and call us “the sons of God”.
By the end of this work, you shall know how much God Loves you and that he knows everything that concerns you even more than you think you know. You shall also learn to know that his presence is always with you even when it seems that all hope has been lost. We shall consider this topic under the following subheadings: his manner over us is love, we are the sons of God (we are the chosen Generation), and our expected response and benefit.

His Manner over Us is Love

The bible in the book of John, tells us that God loves the world so much that he gave the world his only son to die for the world and that whoever believes in him shall have everlasting life. He did not spare his only son, instead he sent him to die for us.
We were like lost sheep without hope, but Christ came, redirected our steps to God, and gave us the hope of everlasting life. This is the best gift any man can give to you; it is life changing, it endures forever, and it is real. It is real because all the promises he made to man while on earth are been fulfilled gradually, and are promptly. He promised us the comforter, which came immediately he ascended into heaven. He promised to answer us whenever we call upon him and till date he has never failed.
Hitherto, God still shows his love and faithfulness which are renewed every day. We experience his mercies in our daily life, he warns us of dangers ahead of time through dreams and revelations. His business is all about us and he never gets tired of us, little wonder why he is ever ready to answer us when we call upon him, irrespective of the time. These are signs of true love; it is immeasurable, true and real.

We are the Sons of God

We are the sons of God; we are united in him through Christ Jesus. It implies that we are obliged to live the life of Christ, we should represent Christ in everything we do just as Christ led a life that gloried God when he was on earth. The earlier apostles were called Christians for the first time in Antioch because their life styles were like that of Christ when he was in earth.
The bible in 1 Peter states that we are the chosen generation, a royal priesthood and a holy nation, and a peculiar people: that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light; so we are obliged to live our lives in accordance to God’s will and glory. The bible also tells us that we should let our light shine so that men would see it and glorify our heavenly father who is in heaven.
Just as a cub cannot behave like a kid, so are we expected to behave like our heavenly father and not like the earthly man. We should lead a life that is different from the worldly life, which is why our study text states “therefore the world knows us not, because it knew him not”. The worldly life is different from the life of Christ.

Our Expected Response and Benefit

We have ascertained the extent of his love for us and that he can do anything to win our heart. We have to reciprocate this love, by believing in him and his son Jesus Christ. We should also show same love to our fellow man in everything we do. Our life should be pleasing to him, so that whenever we call on him for help, we would answer us because we are he his sons. The bible buttressed this point when it states “I know my sheep and my sheep know me”.
Therefore, we should reflect the life of our father in heaven and when we call on him, he will surely answer us.
Are you in a situation that has made you to doubt God’s love for you? Have you been asked, “Where is your God?” do not be dismayed for our God never fails, and he is ever ready to hear and answer us when we call on him. The bible rightly puts it, his ears are not shut to hear our prayers but it is only sin that separates us from God. Therefore, I urge you to shun sin and live a life that pleases God because you are his son, and he will sure bless you beyond your expectations.


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