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Jesus came to the world for a purpose – redeeming men from sins. Even now, thousands of years later, His mission carries on. Daily we need to be reborn to be made a new in Christ Jesus. The will of the flesh still to this day battles with traditional any Christian Ministry that’s Kingdom minded.

War, corruption, racism, exploitation and terrorism are just a few examples of the fruit revealed in the will of the flesh. These tragedies create deep agony and destroy everything it touches including ourselves. Love becomes simply rented; life begins to be sold for status, power, and wealth. Eventually the weak are soon discarded from the kingdom of men powerless to prevent the trampling underfoot.

Only in the kingdom of Jesus Our Lord, is the weak is empowered and love a common sincere practice. Through our hands in this world, Jesus is building His kingdom and forming His last day warriors. Those who answer the call and begin to become involved in Christian Ministry continues the Lords work on the earth.DSC_5978

As warriors we spread the Word of God, we feed the orphans in faraway countries, we care for the widows suffering in pain, and we give hope to those imprisoned. Finding contentment in teaching unfortunate children in underdeveloped countries we are making a lasting impact on this generation by holding back the evil powers of the will of the flesh. These last day warriors understand and fully believe in the power of prayer and the love of the uncompromised Gospel.

WE ARE UNITED; In the kingdom of the Jesus Our Lord, we are one. In every missionary effort, He is working through the hands and feet of His warriors. In the weakness of an imperfect body and soul of a man, He is the only strength that makes all of the excellent work perfected. AND NOW, you are invited to join these warriors in prayer, serving and giving… Invited to accomplish the destiny you are called to. Invited to become a partner with this Christian Ministry.

“Death alone will put a stop to our efforts at LMDM!”

Welcome to the LMDM Family!

As part of the LMDM Family you have:

- Access to an UNLIMITED amount of RESOURCES and CONTACTS!

- 24 Hour support from our Corporate Office!

- A Strong WELL-RESPECTED Covering to operate your ministry projects under!

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