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Advertise where your readers are = SOCIAL MEDIA!

Everyday your readers spend countless hours on diverse Social Media Platforms. From Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, YouTube & MORE! Why would you not want to advertise where they are?

Social Media FAN BLASTMost people are intimidate by this for good reason: it can be costly if you make a BAD ADVERTISING DECISION!

Thankfully for you LMDM has had many years of practice through this and have built up a wonderfully interactive following through our Global Ministry Partners and our Corporate Umbrella: Lay Me Down Ministry Inc.

No matter the platform we have a vast interactive following that’s sure to help drive sales your way! From a simple Facebook post to a monthly campaign our team of professionals at LMDM will customize a plan specific to your needs and geared towards your desired results!

For a custom quote and plan of action contact LMDM!

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THOUSANDS each month Google the term “First Chapter Free” … WHY???

There a time not too long ago before Amazon, before Facebook, and yes even before the Internet when people relied solely on Books to entertain, inspire, and bring forth knowledge.

First Chapter FreeThey would smile as they entered a book store or public library searching for there next read. After skimming through the book covers to what caught their attention the very next thing they would do is read the first chapter!

Unfortunately as millions of these once great places have closed their doors around the world and avid readers have turned to the internet for their quest for the next best read, we have somehow lost this experience. Most times we have to put our faith in the cover and description before purchasing the book. THANKFULLY at LMDM we are trying to bring it back!

Each of our authors and now you are invited to come with us on this journey!

As an author or publisher you know just how difficult sales can be, especially if your an unknown indie author (self published). LMDM has created a high traffic blog specifically focusing on delivering our readers the First Chapter Free of many new books!

If you as an Author or your Publishing Company wish to take advantage of our creative method to engaging our readers please consider the following:

  • It must be a “Christian Book” – NO exceptions
  • MUST be the complete First Chapter
  • eBook Cover MUST be included (JPG or PNG)
  • Only 1 URL is accepted for where our readers can purchase your book. We recommend Amazon!
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Have your eBook reach a targeted audience!

Have you ever read a good book and wondered if there was more like it?

Sure you could Internal ebook advertisingdo a Google or Amazon search in an attempt to find your next favorite read but who really wants to take that extra step?

At LMDM Publishing House we strive to use only the latest greatest methods to market your book. While some publishers throw your book our to a large ocean of readers and hopes that maybe 5% will enjoy you genre we specifically target your manuscript to only those who continually show great interest in similar books to yours.

Not only does this mean your advertising to a highly targeted audience but your doing this in a cost effective manner! You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars hoping and praying that someone somewhere will like it and buy it; you want to know your getting the most bang for your buck!

Each of our books carry NO MORE than 3 internal advertisements.

We have specific guidelines for each of our advertisements and each inquiry is carefully evaluated. The last thing we want to do is advertise an inferior book with one of our premium high traffic eBooks.

  • If approved your advertisement will stay for 90 days! This way it insures that thousands will see and read your advertisement after enjoying a book similar to yours!
  • Each advertisement is $50 USD and includes a photo, a URL, and the words of your choosing.
  • Available languages are English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. If you need help with the translation of your advertising Email LMDM Today before placing your order.
Email LMDM Today!

Welcome to the LMDM Family!

As part of the LMDM Family you have:

- Access to an UNLIMITED amount of RESOURCES and CONTACTS!

- 24 Hour support from our Corporate Office!

- A Strong WELL-RESPECTED Covering to operate your ministry projects under!

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