All This and Heaven Too

//All This and Heaven Too

All This and Heaven Too

Tough Jewel Exceptionally Beautiful Better Lifestyle

This book is written with the perspective that you are the Lord’s precious jewel and is “hungry” to adopt a ‘God be all in all’ perspective in your life that will ensure that you partake in His doubly preciousness of ‘All this and Heaven too!’ The book will ensure that you partake the better inheritance, in the form of His fullness of joy, His perfect peace, His abundant wealth, His boundless love among others fruits.

This book is prepared as a daily practical companion for creating an exceptionally beautiful Better Lifestyle that models ‘Heaven upon earth’ in different areas of your life, namely, emotionally, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. The book shares sound Biblical principles applicable for daily living.

The book is meant to provide guidance not only on how to bear fruits but also on how to bring forth exceptionally beautiful fruits. There are vast differences between just making ends meet and living abundantly and living super-abundantly in all areas of your life. Thus as you read this book, you will recognize how much more God can and will transform every area of your life, as you begin to take the steps towards partnering with Him in designing that beautiful super-abundant life that you have always desired and dreamt about.

This book is geared in helping you emerge as an incredibly beautiful tough jewel through the application of various principles contained therein. The book will demonstrate how God will work in and through you by His mighty operation as you lovingly allow Him to refine and polish you by His Holy hands. Aided by this book, your exceptionally beautiful Better Lifestyle will become a daily natural occurrence as you learn to live moment-by-moment under His radiant love and glorious joy.

The book will help those who wish to turn their past tragedies into a powerful testimony. In my case, I have used my own personal testimonies to share with you how I turned my ordinary circumstances having been born in the slums into extraordinary fulfilled lifestyle by the transformation of my entire being in all areas of my life.

I have also included insights from individuals who agreed to participate in informal interviews as well as from those who read the manuscript and provided important insights and their own personal testimonies.

The interactive nature of this book will guide you using action-based steps, reflective questions and narratives that will serve as powerful tools for making that ultimate transformation. The book shares how you can learn to be still and wait on God to perform His perfect and pleasing will in and through you.

The book shares proclamations and prayers that are expected to guide you in abiding in Christ, the True Vine and the source of sap for your everyday strength and power.

Equipping yourself with the knowledge of God is the key that will unlock the different areas of your life so that you can experience ‘All this and Heaven too!

The metaphors and parables used in this book will equip you with principles that will enable you to walk the high road that will lead to turning your Better Lifestyle dreams into a reality.

This book will serve as your guide if you are ready to become a remarkable individual who is capable of creating and designing an exceptionally Better Lifestyle, because if you plan to be anything less than what you are capable of, then you will probably be unhappy for all the days of your life.

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