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Meet Alessandro Laiber:

Alessandro Laiber
Alessandro LaiberEvangelist for Sons of Thunder

Alessandro Laiber currently lives in Brazil with his beautiful wife Nilcéia and three children. Coming from a normal Brazilian upbringing along with strong Catholic roots it wasn’t long before Alessandro abandoned his foundational beliefs.

As a young man in his early teens he found himself lost in a world of drugs and alcohol; primary Cocaine and Crack. For the next 15 years he watched as his life spun viciously out of control as he lived each day for himself and his own desires.

However on the day he placed his life in the hands of the Lord Jesus nothing has been the same! Alessandro was set free and has never returned to the man he once was. Together with his wife they have ministered in several cities and continuously support the work of Missionaries in various countries.

Today Him and his entire family are striving to advance the kingdom of Jesus through the efforts of Lay Me Down Ministry. Alessandro has been commission to lay the foundation for our ‘Sons of Thunder’ Ministry Training School in the state of Espirto Santo and plan to officially open the doors in yet another location within the coming months.

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