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When Compared to Other Christian Publishing Companies: LMDM Publishing House Rises Above!

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LMDM Publishing House may be young compared to other christian publishing companies but what we may lack in years we more than make up for in innovation and distribution! Our team of professionals know exactly what it takes to get your book ready and in the stores. From start to finish we are with you every step of the way.

Our expanded distribution network has been the key to the success of many of our first time authors. By mixing the traditional methods along with the current trends of eBooks and internet marketing you can rest assured that your manuscript is in safe hands.

Only 15 years ago it was something rare and special to claim you had published a book. As a published author people instantly thought you were a master of your profession and subconsciously assumed you had achieved a great accomplishment. Those were the golden ages for the long standing traditional publishing companies who publicly controlled the market.

Now everything has changed. If you really wanted too you could scribble some words on your computer, snap a photo, upload it, and BAM within 5 minutes you can legally claim the title of a “Published Author.” Unfortunately many have done exactly that especially when Amazon kindle had their first boom. In the midst of all of this global caucus Publishing Companies such as LMDM Publishing House are setting a standard of excellence in today’s widespread market.

LMDM Publishing House and the Global Book Expo

LMDM Publishing House continues to exceed every expectation of our authors. We provide the highest quality at affordable prices when it comes to: translating, editing, graphic design, printing, AND distribution!

We have a plan for success to meet ANY budget!

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If your ready to become a BEST-SELLER then LMDM Publishing House is your one stop publishing solution!

Are you struggling with addiction or feel hopeless and lost?
My Confession is an inspirational story of a young man who turns to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain of childhood abuse. Follow Chris Buscher’s descent into despair and depression as his life spirals out of control. Struggling to deal with his past, pain consumes him as he suffers through each day of his life.

Let one man’s journey toward faith and recovery encourage you.

If your life seems hopeless, remember that Jesus is there and ready to help.

Chief Publisher , LMDM Publishing House

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